Cupcake Hero

  ATTN: Office Managers,       Admins, and CEOs...

Rescue BORED Meetings

Are you ground control for your office? Bring joy, love, productivity, AND be the Cupcake Hero for your office.

Cupcake Hero Benefits:
  • FUN - cupcakes bring fun and joy to meetings .

  • EASY - we delivery right to your office door.

  • CONVENIENT - one stop shop for party supplies.

  • MAGIC - instantly, you're the Hero!
Placing your first order is as Easy as...
  • 1)Visit our "Cupcakes" page to see our full cupcake assortment.
  • 2)Call our order desk by noon the day prior to place your first HERO order.
  • 3) Enjoy cupcakes and party supplies the next day with all your office mates!
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Give us a call at (206) 883-7656 or shoot us an email to learn more or place a reservation.