We love to support our local farmers, coffee roasters, dairy farms, distillers and chocolatiers.

We use Theo Chocolate in a lot of our products so we decided to take a Theo Chocolate factory tour! Bean to bar production, sustanible practices and the highest quality chocolate out there!  Why not spend a day rooming through it?

We all walked away so inspired by the care they take in bean to bar chocolate production.  The Frostitutes at Cupcake Royale gave the tour 2 thumbs up!

We use Theo’s cocoa nibs to top our Vegan cupcake and we use their milk chocolate in out malted milk chocolate ice cream.  As we type we are working on a new buttercream featuring Chiles and 70% Theo chocolate- Umm yeah it’s delish!


DSC_0048  DSC_0024