We offer all sorts of fun toppings daily.  All of which we hand make daily in our Royale Bakery.

Do you fancy crunch?

Well, then the Washington Hazelnut Brittle is for you.  Butter toffee with hazelnuts folded in, chopped up and sprinkled on top of your frozen treat- DELISH!

Even cruncheir BACON crack! Butter toffee with fresh local bacon tossed in.  Salty, smoky and sweet.

Are you a sauce person?  

Choose from our rich hot fudge or our caramel sauce drizzled on top of your scoop.  The sauces are warm and heavy handed!

Into sprinkles?

Chocolate shavings, rainbow sprinkles or a little grey sea salt sound good?  Ask and you shall receive!

Sometimes we get wild and crazy and whip up some fresh lemon curd, berry compotes, cake crumbs.  Your ice cream adventure is limitless. #chooseyourowntoppings