“Why is it so good?” Customers ask us this phrase all the time, and it’s so surprising because this is how every mint ice cream should be made!

Using mint extract is for the birds! We use FRESH organic mint in the ice cream base.  To even further the fresh mint flavor, we use Seely’s Organic Mint Oil from Oregon. It is so potent and absolutely fragrant- check the farm out (link is below.)

The how to…..Fresh Peppermint Ice cream with Fudge Swirl

  • Step 1- De-stem 1# of fresh mint leaves from stems
  • Step 2- Steep mint in simple syrup
  • Step 3- Add mint concentrate to fresh, local dairy
  • Step 4- Add in a touch of fresh mint oil
  • Place in Gianni (Our Ice cream Machine)
  • Whip only a little air, all the while freezing to perfection
  • While the ice cream is extracting from machine “ribbon” in housemade fudge sauce
  • Freeze overnight
  • Serve on a waffle cone, in a milk shake, in between 2 double chocolate cookies or straight from the pint

That is Fresh Peppermint with Fudge Swirl Ice cream – you are welcome!



Fresh Mint