Oh man, we have been so full throttle on ice cream that we forgot to keep you informed on our new Brew Fest cupcakes- how dare us!  We love beer and after a couple, we dreamed up some pretty epic flavors!  Coffee is very near and dear to our hearts here in Seattle, but so is locally brewed beer and cider.  We were able to join forces with some of our favorites to bring you four NEW flavors starting September 10th.Simple_and_Crisp_Edits-2-2_large

Caramel Brandied Pear –Our vanilla cupcake filled with gingered pear compote, topped with Finnriver’s Pear Brandy buttercream and pear caramel drizzle. We used Finnriver’s Pear Brandy to really amplify the pear flavor. It’s sweet, thick and SUPER aromatic, as well as flavorful.  We’ve always been fond of Simple and Crisp pear chips and wanted to incorporate them into something really special, so to top this off, we made a pear chip streusel that does the locally made product justice!

Pumpkin Ale –A Pacific Northwest pumpkin spice cupcake, topped with an Elysian’s Imperial Pumpkin Ale buttercream and candied spiced pumpkin seeds. No, this pumpkin puree is not from a can. It’s fresh pumpkin puree that is special ordered months in advance from Stahlbush Island Farms in Oregon. After testing many an ale, we knew Elysian Imperial Pumpkin Ale was the winner!  We all love something crunchy to snack on while drinking our brew, so we got busy in the bakeshop and candied some pumpkin seeds with salt and spices – Happy Hour cupcakes anyone?



Tipsy Apple –An apple cupcake topped with Finnriver’s Apple Cider buttercream and apple cider caramel drizzle. Those apples are picked right here in Washington!  The apples are shredded seconds before they are added to the batter, maintaining the crunch and texture. The effervescent Finnriver Apple Cider is reduced down to a syrup then added to Cupcake Royale’s legendary buttercream.  For even more apple booziness, it is drizzled with a cider caramel!

German Chocolate Stout – A moist chocolate stoutcake made with 2 Beers’ Jive Oatmeal Espresso Milk Stout and filled with the traditional German Chocolate Cake’s coconut frosting topped with chocolate buttercream, toasted coconut chips, and chocolate curls. We know our chocolate cake is already Seattle’s best, so the only ingredient that could make it better is STOUT BEER!  Beer makes the cake super moist and hoppy, almost tangy!  The flavors of the beer’s nutty oatmeal, smooth espresso and milky finish lends perfectly to the tastes they already have going on.  A sweet, creamy brown sugar, coconut and walnut filling might sound over-the-top, but they’ve added some sea salt to curb the sweetness and balance the flavors.  This is a more sophisticated German Chocolate Cake – Royale Style! Bottoms Up!