See these lovely folks?  They make dreams come true!  These three peculiar characters hand-churn all the ice cream for Cupcake Royale.  They make up the Royale Creamery.

Peter the Pinter- He hand stamps all the labels, pints all the ice cream and is one of our part time photographers.  #peterthepinter

Colleen- She holds down Gianni (our ice cream machine) and makes serious stuff happen in that 12 by 12 freezer.  She also creates fun flavors like Pony Mix ice cream- cream cheese ice cream with carrot cake folded in oh yeah! #creativegenius

Dana- Our fearless leader holds it down.  The only gal who can pump out 500 ice cream sandwiches, churn a double batch of Buttered Popcorn with Peanut Brittle and create new recipes.  #bosslady

Tedric- See the guy below?  Surrounded by all the ice cream all bundled up?  He’s our “1 Man ice cream distribution”.  He rides around all day delivering ice cream to all 6 of our stores, Terra Plata restaurant, Canterbury Ale House, Lost Lake cafe, Amazon campus, Bon Appetite catering co. and Kaisho restaurant. Tedric flies planes and hangs out with the Mariner’s in his spare time.  #bluethunder  #onemanteam

Anyway thank your lucky stars these people exist- we do everyday!