We can make up to 12 flavors of milkshakes, you can choose your own milkshake adventure.  We also, feature some specialty shakes that we thought you should know about.

Espresso Shakes– Fun fact- we are one of the only ice cream shops that can pull fresh shots of Stumptown Espresso.  After those shots are pulled, we pour them directly into the milkshake cup and swirl up with ice cream, for an authentic espresso milkshake.  We love to make our espresso shakes with Stumptown ice cream.

RGB Shake– For those of you who don’t know RGB it’s Rachel’s Ginger Beer made here is Seattle WA.  We blend RGB with Triple Vanilla ice cream for the most gingery, lemony, creamy and refreshing shake on the menu.

Burnt Caramel Shake– Our signature Burnt Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt ice cream blended with a touch of milk, topped with whip cream, chocolate curls and sea salt.

Cake Shakes– Yes, it’s true, we let you pick out a cupcake and an ice cream flavor.  We place both of those into the shake machine and blend it into a Cakeshake!  Choosing between cupcakes and ice cream is a crime, we would never make you do that!