As you know we make everything from scratch with fresh, natural and local ingredients.  One batch of our buttercream uses 30# of butter.  We make over 300 LBS of buttercream a day which by doing the math we make over 1500 LBS of buttercream in a week.  Below is our beloved buttercream queen Katy and she’s got the biceps to prove it!

Katy carefully mixes, melts, scrapes and carries around buckets upon buckets of freshly whipped buttercream daily.  Our buttercream is made 100% butter no greasy impostures!  We use double fold vanilla, Belgium chocolate, local milk, fresh squeezed lemon juice, real maple syrup and fresh berry purees to flavor our rich buttercreams.

If you get a serious craving for frosting we serve frosting shots in every cafe, we ship pint of buttercream and all of our cupcakes have a health dose of buttercream swirled on top.