This just in our DRY CIDER delivery just came in!

We have been waiting for the moment to crack one these bad boys open to churn our NEW fall flavor.  We are so excited to be partnering up with Seattle Cider Co for our “Fresh Brewed” cupcakes and ice cream line starting September 10th.  We have long adored their tasty cider, especially the dry, and really wanted to create a sorbet that highlighted the oh so delicious blend of Granny smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Gala.  Five varieties of apples go into this one can of cider- whoa!

It’s not spiced, it’s not sweet we choose to go the dry, tart route!  Pleasantly acidic with all the fragrant notes of lilac, blood oranges, green apples.  You can taste the slight flavors of nectarine, peaches and a little tart cherry without the all the sweetness.

This sorbet is really something special!