Not only do we bring you information about our products and stores, but also our fabulous people!  So today, we fall in love with Alan G.  Not only is he the Assistant Manager at our Capitol Hill store, but he also a very talented musician.

Some fun facts about Mr. G-

Alan has been a barista for the past five years and has been with Cupcake Royale for 1,089 days or 2.98 years.  He’s a huge fan of big complicated board games, icy cold beer, tiramisu cupcakes, singing along to his favorite bands and (fun fact) he laughs while simultaneously cries at the movie Forrest Gump.

A music major for two years at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, then graduated with a fancy Associates of Applied Arts degree in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Seattle.  He started singing along to anything and everything he could at age two, and not too long after, started piano lessons at the tender age of four.

Bass is his wheelhouse, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find his way around a guitar or piano without too much trouble. If nobody else is around, Alan will pretend he can play the drums.

As a teenager, Alan was in a progressive band called Aud Fauce back in Richland, WA. They independently recorded and released two full length albums by the time Alan graduated high school. Since then, he has played with a post-hardcore band called The Building Down, a rock band called Aloha Drones, and currently Alan is in a prog-metal band called Manifestoic.

So come on in and meet Alan at Capitol Hill.  He is the guy with the awesomely well kept dreads, busting out some impeccable espresso, and listening to what we are sure is inappropriate music.

Thanks, Alan, for bringing people chicken strips with french fries when they really need it, leaving grand post-it notes that make all of us laugh, and being a really great employee.



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