It’s a very tough call and really why choose?

Our Hard Apple Sorbet is made with Seattle Cider Co.  We did not want to take away from the actual goodness of the cider itself, so no spices were needed.  Cider, apple juice, white grape juice, kosher salt, sugar and water.  It’s pure, tasty and just perfect.

Hilliard’s Murdered Out Stout is the POWER behind this Pretzels Bacon N’ Stout Ice Cream.  Warn your tastebuds because this is not for the weak or the occasional stout drinker.  It gives you a strong hit of stout from the get go! It’s just fresh cream, stout beer, brown sugar, kosher salt, bacon, pretzels, chocolate chunks and toffee.

If it were up to us, we’d have a double scoop one of each, because choices are hard.