Ok, so while putting together our holiday line up we thought what screams holiday more than fruitcake?  Then we thought…..fruitcake isn’t all that good.  Challenge accepted, we are here to make fruitcake taste great! #notyourgranniesfruitcake


Soaking currants, cranberries, golden raisins, orange zest in brandy for over two weeks is the great start.  Our cupcake is made with local honey, ricotta cheese, local eggs, lots of spices, more brandy, Sheppard’s Grain flour and organic cane sugar.

Oh wait! NUTS, every fruitcake needs nuts, so we’ve sprinkled almonds and walnuts in there.  As soon as it comes our of the oven we brush on brandy simple syrup, let it cool swirl on rich cream cheese frosting and top it with more brandied dried fruit.

Yes, we made some batches that were questionable recipe #6 was a hit with everybody over here at CCR.  Fruitcake hits stores November 1st prime those bellies people!