We’ve said it before and we will take a moment to say it again.  We love our employees to pieces, and today we tip our hat to a man who wears many hats for us.  We know him, and lovingly refer to him as Benjamin, Ben, Benji, coffee trainer, hospitality guru, driver, yelp reviewer, company photographer, culture builder, barista, baker, and an all-around great guy.

Benjamin Blackketter is a native Texan who used to own his own photography business.  He attended Art School in Savannah Georgia, has a dog named Pepper, he’s a self taught knitter, makes a MEAN Phad thai and just joined a book club. Cafe Flora is one of his favorite places, his all time favorite cupcake is the Irish cake bomb, and he LOVES to learn.

He trains all of our new hires on coffee and hospitality.  He scales, scoops, and bakes cupcakes.  He drives the beast of a blue van to deliver our fresh cupcakes.  He also spreads JOY to everyone he works with.

It’s hard to catch Benjamin because he’s everywhere, but when our regular customers see him it makes their day.  Feel free if you see Benjamin in and around Cupcake Royale to give him a full contact high five, because he more than deserves it.

BENJAMIN- we love ya and hope you know how much we appreciate every ounce of you!



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