The sweet story goes something like this:

At Cupcake Royale, we take our frosting very seriously! Everyone loves great, home-made frosting, and we are no exception. The inspiration behind our signature double swirl frosting is the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York. When we opened as Seattle’s Original Cupcake shop in 2003, our creative and fearless founder Jody Hall was on the hunt for a froster. We needed someone who could dedicate their heart and soul to the swirl.

Early one morning, during a frantic coffee rush, a young woman walked right up to Jody (who was on the espresso bar rocking the line) and asked if we were hiring.  Jody asked her if she could frost, or if she had any cake decorating experience.  The girl replied, “Yes! I just got off a plane from New York, where I frosted all of the cupcakes for a bakery named Magnolia Bakery”. Jody grabbed her, placing a spatula in one hand and a cupcake in the other.  That young lady took the mixing bowl, scraped the frosting in the bowl until it was perfectly smooth, dipped her spatula in the bowl to retrieve a dollop of beautiful butter cream, patted it on top of our cupcake, and proceeded to bust out a beautiful double swirl.  It was like watching magic happen!

After months of  dedicated work, this fantastic froster went home after a very long day, heck, make that a very long week of work, exhausted. “I’ve been frosting all day, for 10 hours.”  Her roommates joked around and said, “You leave home early in the morning, and come back late at night. You work SO hard for your money.  It’s as if you are a frostitute!”  “LEGALIZE FROSTITUTION”

The next day, this dedicated young woman shared her conversation with Jody and the entire staff, and “Legalize Frostitution”  was born, and is one of our favorite sayings to this very day!  We were fortunate enough to work with this wonderful young woman for seven years, and as our first head froster, she set a legacy that lives on in each and every cupcake that we frost.