We are constantly asked if we ship our cupcakes to other locations, and the super sad answer is, no we do not ship our cupcakes.  Wha, wha, wha……. We simply can’t because they are so fragile.  They would show up on your doorstep looking like a fight broke out between Dance Party and Royale with Cheese.  Literally, the cakes would be smushed and turn upside down and NO one wants that!

Our cupcakes are also meant to be eaten the same day they are baked, and we bake them fresh every single day. There is no compromising on that.  We do not use any preservatives, shortening, or any other icky things that are often added to baked goods to extend their shelf life. After years of saying “unfortunately, no we don’t” one day we just sat back and thought: we simply can’t send cupcakes, but we can create a cupcake mix for people to make at home.  Duh, right?  A little math, some testing and a lot of tasting resulted in our very own Vanilla Cupcaking Mix.

That’s right! For us at Cupcake Royale, “cupcaking” is an action word. It’s not surprising that we  also love to say things like Pinkie Promise, Does a Booty Good, Does This Cupcake Make Me Look Gay?, Legalize Frositution and Babycakes Onboard.  “Cupcaking” seemed like a perfect fit for the ACT of making cupcakes perfectly!

The mix makes 12 perfect, tasty and FRESH vanilla bean cupcakes.  It’s so super easy all you need to do is add butter, egg whites, warm water, sour cream, and vanilla.  It’s fun to do with kids, your sweetie, or by yourself with a big glass of red wine. It can even be given as a gift for that special someone, or a valued co-worker.  You can send them to the bakers in your life, or better yet send a kit to the non- bakers and it is certain to be a baking confidence builder.

Our approach to putting this project together is the same approach we use in our shop:  local and wholesome ingredients.  We use local Sheppard’s grain cake flour from Eastern WA, organic cane sugar, real vanilla beans, expeller-pressed canola oil (GMO FREE), baking powder, and salt.  We place these “dry” ingredients in a big mixing bowl and mix together for over 20 minutes to ensure that everything is fully incorporated.  We then weigh every bag of mix by hand and package the mix with sprinkles and, of course, a Cupcake Royale badge.

Our mission is to deliver JOY and create happy experiences, so placing the mix into a 2-pack box seemed like a no-brainer!  The box is meant for giving a random act of cupcake to someone you really like. or maybe to apologize for something. It happens.  Whatever the reason, the box is re-usable to gift away and show off your MAD baking skills.

Oh…..and…. you better believe we also offer fres- whipped buttercream frosting to top your perfectl- baked masterpieces.  Our pints o’ buttercream will frost exactly 12 cupcakes (no cheating on a hot dog – hot dog and bun will throw off the number situation) with just a little left to dip your finger in and taste.  Our always available flavors are: vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, and  lavender. If you ask really nicely we can pack up your favorite!

We ship the mixes and offer them in all our cafes year around.


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