Many of us look at vegan desserts and cringe because they often look, well,  at little different.  On a mission to create a tasty, good-looking, and sinfully-rich little cake, we were pleasantly surprised and terribly mortified by our creations.

At first, we tried to over-think it, using ingredients which we thought were vegan, whatever that might mean. Just to mention a few of the things we tried: bean flours, tofu, avocado, vegan mayonnaise, and egg substitute.  These are all products we had never used before.  After over five attempts and many sad faces, we seriously considered  throwing in the towel, but no. BAM!  We took a step back and remembered the philosophical approach we have used so successfully in each and every one of our delicious cakes: local ingredients, fresh ingredients, and items most moms have in their pantry, and which are found in most delicious, tasty treats.

We started over, pulling out the eggs and butter, substituting them with other ingredients which we know, from experience, have worked well together. Now with new-found confidence and the intention to complete the mission with success, we added some silky, creamy chocolate vegan frosting. After one bite, we knew that we had a delicious winner. Go ahead. We dare you to try it. You’ll be glad you did!