Who’s excited, other than us, for Deathcake Royale 2015?  It’s back in original form.  Eight consecutive years of making Deathcake Royale and it just never gets old.

Layers and layers of chocolate on top of chocolate.  What?  Go big or go home right? How can you go wrong with a huge piece of chocolate?  Forget the box of chocolate this Valentine’s day and go for something even more intense and decadent.

It goes a little something like this……..

Our award-winning chocolate cake, layered with sea-salted Theo milk chocolate ganache, layered with Stumptown espresso flourless chocolate decadence, all glazed with chocolate ganache, and topped with chocolate curls.  WHOA!  Get out a hanky because you’re either going to cry or sweat, and  either one would be a HUGE compliment and an experience you will never forget!!

Deathcake Royale hits all of  our the stores January 29th – February 16th, so mark your calendars and come get your Deathcake on with us! It will make your life infinitely better.