It’s….. a real thing!  We are taking white chocolate, placing it in the oven, and baking it until it’s this nice, caramelly, nutty, and wonderfully unique concoction.  Our new Caramelized White Chocolate start January 29th, 2015.

The love that goes into caramelizing white chocolate is dedicated and patient.  Kinda of like the love you give a brand-new puppy.  Basically, we lay out Valrhona Ivorie 35% white chocolate onto sheet pans and place them into a 260* oven, and bake it for over an hour. Every 10-15 minutes, we are moving the chocolate around to prevent burning or over-caramelizing.  We are essentially trying to SLOWLY and evenly caramelize the chocolate.  Over the course of an hour, the chocolate turns from white, to cream, to a dull amber, and then finally caramel color.  It’s absolutely delicious.

Don’t go out of your way to eat white chocolate?  Well, make this your reason! Now is your chance to treat your taste buds to this once-in-a-lifetime cupcake.