To celebrate love, the most delicious way, we’ve partnered with Chocolatiers that know and love the craft. Embracing bean-to-bar chocolate, we sourced Woodblock Chocolate Company from Portland Oregon, Lillie Belle Artisanal Chocolate from Central Point, Oregon and Theo Chocolate from Seattle Washington. These chocolatiers are some of the Northwest’s best bean-to-bar chocolate producers and now, we brought them all to you this Valentine’s Day.


Introducing the The Chocolatier Collection Cupcakes-



Black Bottom Cupcake

When cheesecake batter meets chocolate cake!  Don’t just imagine it, because we’ve made a cheesecake + cupcake a reality!  Our chocolate cupcake is filled with cheesecake batter and baked to perfection! To add more amazingness, we’ve partnered with Lillie Belle Chocolate Co. to create a 75% Venezuelan chocolate buttercream. WHOA is right!

BlackBottom  BlackBottom

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry-

Who doesn’t love chocolate dipped strawberries?  Who doesn’t love fresh baked cupcakes? We’ve combined two of our favorite desserts to create the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cupcake.  Yup, our award winning chocolate cupcake, filled with fresh, local strawberry compote and topped with Woodblock chocolate buttercream.  Cover all your bases this Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry  ChocolateDippedStrawberry

Caramelized White Chocolate –

We’ve done it, we’ve caramelized white chocolate and man is it GOOD! Who would have thought melting white chocolate in the oven for over an hour would result in pure greatness?  Add this special sweetness to our vanilla cupcake that’s filled with salted caramel filling and that’s topped with whipped cream cheese frosting… BOOM! It’s called the Caramelized White Chocolate Cupcake and once you go there, you’ll never go back!

WhiteChocolate   WhiteChocolate

Malted Milk Chocolate –

Who says malt is just for beer and milkshakes?  You will adore the nutty-ness of malt and love it more when it’s paired with sweet, creamy Theo milk chocolate!  We’ve taken our vanilla cupcake, swirled it with malted milk chocolate buttercream and topped it with homemade malt meringue crunch.  Step aside milkshake, here come cupcakes!

MaltedMilk  MaltedMilkCh

Smoked Chocolate –

Hurry! Grab the marshmallows and graham crackers! We’ve just smoked 165 pounds of pure chocolate over alder wood and you’ve gotta get in on this goodness!  We’ve brought camping season to YOU this February.  Our chocolate cupcake is piled with smoky chocolate buttercream that is smoked right here in Seattle by Young & Young Smoke Co.

SmokedChocolate  SmokedChocolateScreen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.15.43 PM


And don’t forget about DEATHCAKE ROYALE…


Deathcake is back in its original form, DEATHCAKE Royale!  With a little help from our friends at Stumptown Coffee and Theo Chocolate, we layered espresso chocolate decadence, salted milk chocolate ganache and chocolate cake together for another year of Deathcake!  $9.50.



Cupcake Royale is featuring the Chocolatier Collection Dozen for $41.25 February only. Don’t miss out on the best bean-to-bar experience of the season!  Full-size only.