We are SO excited! We just received 160 pounds of 75% chocolate from Sur de Lago, a very small sub-region in Venezuela, and all of it is hand-made by Lillie Belle Farms. Lillie Belle Farms specialize in artisan bean-to-bar chocolate.

We have been working on this partnership for many months, tasting all the different types of chocolate Lillie Belle produces, and we were partial to their Purple Haze- cause it’s SO GOOD!   It’s smack-you-in-the-face strong, yet as smooth as silk, with dark earthy notes that finish super mellow.  We love it with rich cream cheese, coffee and, yup, BUTTER! Enter the black-bottom cupcakes. More on that later!

Lillie Belle is based out of Central Point Oregon, and they use only organic ingredients.  A lot of their chocolate bars are made with single-origin cocoa beans, just one variety of bean.  They create really unique combinations such as blue-cheese truffles, stone-ground peanut butter milk chocolate, lavender salted caramels, whiskey barrel aged bars, buttermilk bars and, our favorite, “The Most Awesome Chocolate Bar Ever”.  This bar has almond and hazelnut gianduja, crunch feuilletine wafers and sea salt. YOU SIMPLY MUST TRY IT.  It is a game changer.

And now for the ultimate good news! Beginning January 29th, we will be offering our Black Bottom Cupcake featuring this very special Purple Haze chocolate from Lillie Belle Farm.  Come in and enjoy all of the love and hard work behind this little cake.  From bean to bar to cupcake, filled with lots- O-love!!!

BlackBottom Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 6.03.02 PM