It’s nice to have friends in high places!  We are fortunate to know two incredible guys who have started a cold-smoking business. They have done us a huge favor by squeezing us in to help celebrate all things CHOCOLATE this Valentine’s Day.

Zac and Jesse Young are the smoking geniuses behind Young and Young Smoked Fish Company.  Together they set out to start a business that specializes in cold-smoking fresh fish from the Pacific Northwest.  They spend their days cold-smoking fish, and hope to eventually try their hand at smoking cheeses, chocolate, and many other products. We canNOT  wait to see what sort of delectable tricks they have up their sleeve!

Here’s what we’ve been up to with these talented guys! We gave them 100 pounds of our Belgian unsweetened chocolate, and they slowly cold-smoked small batches at a time.  Each and every small batch took four hours to get just the right smoke flavor. Cold-smoking is a process that infuses great flavor without actually cooking the product.  So items like cheese, vanilla beans, and chocolate work great!

We needed a bolder, heavier smoke flavor because our master plan was to feature it in a freshly-whipped buttercream.  Adding lots of local butter and organic sugar will occasionally dilute flavors, so we said, “Bring on the smoke!”

You are welcome to come on in and sample the smoked buttercream at any of our stores, but we must warn you! Once you taste the rich, creamy, smokey deliciousness of this buttercream frosting, you may want to pack your bags and go camping! But please don’t forget the graham crackers and marshmallows.