It seems as if it was so long ago when our leadership team jokingly said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to be, like, a great place to work?” Given that we have a bunch of really cool, awesome, and interesting people, we were not exactly reaching for the stars.

Step one: hire really great people. Step two: let them know that they are special, and treat them really well, and step three: support everyone working toward being just plain awesome on EVERY level, every day.  Seems easy, right?  Well, with 92 employees, a 24- hour bakery/driving team, and four Wiley admins, we set out to give the best internal and external hospitality this city has ever seen.

That goal was to speak a common language and set the record straight with our values and have complete and utter alignment.  No walk in the park.  We held classes, developed  sayings like charitable assumption, personal weather report, agents, gatekeepers, find the YES, and our favorite, be on someone’s side.

We really tried to understand that we are in the business of people, not cupcakes. While cupcakes are the product we sell, people are what make the cupcake. Not every day is perfect, BUT man do we strive to bring JOY to each other and our customers, and whether that gets a reward or not, it’s still something we think everyone should and can do.