We recently travelled down to Portland,  OR, to tour Stumptown headquarters.  Stumptown has been our coffee partner since day one, and we are so  proud to be Stumptown’s first account in Seattle.

Ten long years ago, we opened in Madrona as Verite Coffee featuring Stumptown Coffee Roasters. As you may or may not know, we have three core products, with cupcakes being #1. Coffee and Ice cream fall very closely after cupcakes.  As much as we appreciate the sweet smell of fresh cupcakes baking, we also can’t resist the aroma of fresh-brewed, high-quality coffee.  At Cupcake Royale, it’s the whole experience that matters.  We wear many hats: slinging cupcakes, scooping ice cream, and expertly brewing coffee. With much training and support from our friends at Stumptown coffee, we brew and pull shots of coffee that represent the very best of the art and science of great coffee.

We learned so much from the Stumptown tour, and we walked away in complete awe! Getting the opportunity to hear from their quality control expert, Jim Kelso, on how he checks every roaster’s coffee from Seattle, Portland, LA and NY.  Listening to head roaster, Steve Kirbach, talk about being transparent when roasting and letting the quality of the bean speak for itself, was instrumental and humbling.  He spoke our language when he explained that their role at Stumptown is to showcase the hard work of other people. This really matches perfectly with our philosophy.  It was beyond special to be in the arena of such quality and pride. We serve a full coffee menu featuring handcrafted espresso, cold brew, and a variety of different blends daily.  We offer a wide variety of whole bean for purchase, from Hair Bender, Holler Mountain, and a full selection of seasonal varietals. It would not be a day at CCR if you didn’t smell fresh-baked cupcakes, see freshly-whipped buttercream, and smell the highly coveted aroma of caffeine.  #bestjobever http://stumptowncoffee.com 



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