Everybody please STOP what you’re doing. It is time to start planning your day around the Salted Pistachio! We don’t want anyone to miss this very special, very Sicilian new-comer. And did we mention it is Italian?  Ooh, la, la.  We use the most incredible, high-quality Italian Pistachio paste known to human kind! Many pistachio pastes, butters, and compounds out there use almonds and green food coloring to help boost flavor, and act as fillers. Of course, we say no to those!

We worked with our local vendor to get us a highly-concentrated paste made with the world’s finest pistachios from Sicily. The particular Pistachio Paste we use has a dark, rich color, and is unsweetened.

You could almost take a spoon full of it and drizzle it with a little honey and sprinkle some sea salt on it and BAM you’ve got yourself an afternoon snack!  But, because we are in the business of selling cupcakes, we chose to add butter, some powdered sugar to sweeten it up, sea salt, a whisper of decadent vanilla, and plop it on a vanilla bean cupcake!

This is a flavor that is near and dear to our hearts. We just wish we could be eating it in the foothills of Sicily with a glass of wine to wash it down! Come get cultured with us while doing your booty good! Cosi deliziosa!

Mr. Pistachio hits the cases May 1st and will be ready to gobble up all month!