You’ve heard that old saying, “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman.” Well, we want you to meet the great women behind Cupcake Royale!  Our Genius Bakery Managers, Ice Cream Guru, Donut Wrangler and Chiefs of Sweet!

We roll up our sleeves, set goals, plan, have fun, create, taste, taste some more and support one another.

In no particular order here they are!

Our Bakery Operation Manager- AKA Our Soul.

She goes by Jess, J-dawg, Jessica

What do you like best about your job? The innovative and delicious treats and the awesome people I work with.

Favorite CCR product? It’s ever changing, but right now- I crave what we didn’t have this year. Our Pumpkin Maple cupcake.

What’s the most you produced in one day? Upwards of 11,000 cakes.

Interests outside of work? Camping. Hanging with my boxer Bronx, going to shows. Seems like the majority of my friends are in bands. I also enjoy gardening, swimming, movies and other various shenanigans.

Your playlist while working? Depends on my mood. Macklemore, Prince, Tenacious D, Rage Against the Machine, Matchbox 20, Robyn, Perfume Genius, Vaudeville Etiquette…and of course Beyonce. What’s a day without a little bit of Bey?

Do you have a favorite baking book, show, blog, company that you adore? My FAVORITE book is The Old Man and The Sea. I love Ernest Hemingway. Favorite show right now, is Broad City. Always good for a laugh. Favorite baking book will forever be the compilation of recipes from my mom and my grandma.
Favorite Company? This one OF COURSE.

Perfect day off?  Anything that has to do with the woods, my dog, and a hot tub. (And a bottle of wine.)

Jessica copy


Queen of Frozen Treats

Dana A

What do you like best about your job?
One of the best things about making ice cream is making people happy! I love seeing the looks on someone’s face when they take that first bite of something delicious. Creating new flavors and recipes is one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding parts of my job. I’m really lucky that I get to go to work every day and be creative!

Favorite CCR product?
Uh, the ice cream, of course! 🙂 They’re all my babies, but my consistent favorite flavors are Oregon Hill Strawberry, Washington Hazelnut Brittle, and Peppermint Fudge. BUT that could all change once we get this summer’s Chef Series up and churning… I can’t wait!

What’s the most you produced in one day?
Man, It’s hard to say. I know once last summer we made about 520 gallons of ice cream in one week. It was crazy!

Interests outside of work?
Before I decided to start living the pastry life, I did theatre – and I still do! I’m a performer, director, and sound designer. When I’m not making Seattle’s best ice cream, I’m making Seattle’s best theatre! I also love treasure hunting at thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets. I’m passionate about good design. I love old, kitschy things.

Your playlist while working?
Oh my gosh… anything and everything. My tastes in music are nothing if not vast. One day it’ll be ABBA, then an hour later Missy Elliott, then after that The Carter Family, and we’ll round out the day with some Simon and Garfunkel. Or maybe it’s Straight Outta Compton radio with a Beethoven piano sonata chaser. Or the whole Donna Summer Live and More 1978 album… but mostly just to get to the killer rendition of “I Feel Love” that’s on that album. We almost always listen to Queen while we clean. Yeah – I get around.

Do you have a favorite baking book, show, blog, company that you adore?
I’m always interested in what Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar is up to. I also constantly reference my Culinary Artistry book by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page – it’s all about flavor pairings and seasonality. I also use my trusty The Professional Pastry Chef by Bo Friberg all the time. He can answer almost any question I could have in there!

Perfect day off?
Get out of bed before 9, go for coffee and a croissant at Coyle’s Bakeshop, or for breakfast at The Fat Hen. Then – in the summer – take my dog, some snacks, and a book to one of the quiet little beaches around Snoqualmie Falls for the day. If it’s a cozier, stay-at-home kind of afternoon, I’ll plan what to cook, go do my shopping, and have a few friends over for dinner. I love to entertain!


Dana with Cone

Chief Of Operations – Our Chief

Otherwiseknownas CK, Nicki, Mrs. Kerbs.

What do you like best about your job? The People, def no doubt the people!

Favorite CCR product?  Hmmmm….. Well……. Uhm……. I’d say a fresh from-the-oven chocolate cupcake or maybe Oregon Hill Strawberry Ice Cream as it’s coming out of the machine, no it’s got to be sipping a fresh shot of espresso- no my new favorite is a brioche donut with huckleberry glaze- still warm from the fryer. I am going to skip this question. It’s just too damn hard.

What’s the most you produced in one day? The day we baked 17,000 cupcakes.  No, the day we launched ice cream and churned all night long, 24 buckets.  Or was it when we made 1,200 donuts opening day with Rodeo?  Those are my top 3 memorable days at Cupcake Royale… far.

Interests outside of work? Chillin’ with my kids, searching for treasures at antique stores, loves me some volleyball, writing, taking photos, and obsessing over baking.

Your playlist while working? Feist, Regina Spector, Thao and the get down stay down, and, of course, Beyonce.

Do you have a favorite baking book, show, blog, company that you adore? I have a couple of blogs that I follow pretty religiously: The Vanilla Bean Blog, Top it with Cinnamon, 5 second rule and The Pastry Department.  I’m a sucker for the show Chopped #Bingewatch.  I’ve always kept Bo Friberg close by at all times. I grew up reading Modern Baker magazine. (My grandmother got me a subscription when I was 18.)

Perfect day off?  Sleeping until I wake up- no earlier. Piping-hot Intelligentsia coffee delivered to me in bed, eating lunch with my kids at school, playing multiple games of volleyball and last, but not least, all while never looking at my phone.


Assistant Bakery Manager- The backbone


What I like best about my job? The people I work with (so much dedication), producing amazing cupcakes, and working for an amazing company that is dedicated to serving the community!

Favorite CCR product? The Royale with Cheese is my go-to/always can count on cupcake. My all- time favorite is the Strawberry Shortcake. (It’s probably a good thing we don’t offer this one year-round.) And then I have a not-so- secret love affair with the Snickerdoodle cookie.

What’s the most you’ve produced in one day? Not quite sure…A LOT!

Interests outside of work? Hiking, camping, and… baking, of course!

My playlist while working? Depends on my mood, but my go to artists are Prince, Beyoncé, or the Dave Matthews Band Pandora stations.

Favorite baking book, show, blogger, company? How Baking Works (book), Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (show), Joy the Baker (blogger), Cupcake Royale…of course (company).

Perfect day off? Day at the Coast!


Operations Manager- Cappy, Captain, Cupcake Wrangler

Better known as Ms. Stoner, no for real her name is A Stoner

What do you like best about your job?
I LOVE my job so I don’t think I could pick one thing as my favorite. The people, our values, and the fact that my purpose every day is to create joyful experiences.

Favorite CCR product?
Our ice cream is dangerously delicious. Let’s just say I find myself “quality checking” more than is necessary and I could eat a pint of our Oregon Hill Strawberry ice cream in about a minute.

Interests outside of work?
My Boo, my family, and my adorable dog Boris.

Your playlist while working?
I have very eclectic taste in music, but my go to while in a cafe is any album by Real Estate.

Do you have a favorite baking book, show, blog, company that you adore?
Mind of a Chef is my go to cooking show. There are often episodes where great bakers and pastry chefs drop in.

Perfect day off?
My perfect day off would consist of sleeping in, waking up to breakfast and coffee just ready and waiting for me, all of my chores are magically done, playing with my dog, getting a massage, going on an adventure with my Boo, eating a delicious dinner whilst sipping a cocktail, and watching comedy on my couch with my guy and my dog to end the day.