After 7 short weeks of slinging Seattle’s freshest donuts, the Rodeo Donut “Pop-up” is here to STAY! Not only that, but Seattle has spoken and they are obliging. Rodeo Donuts will be sold at Cupcake Royale in Capitol Hill and what better day to launch than on National Donut Day, Friday June 5. To kick-off Rodeo on ‘The Hill,’ fans can enjoy a special promotion that Friday; buy any donut get a FREE 12 ounce drip of Stumptown coffee. Starting in Capitol Hill at 8am, Ballard at 7am, until they sell out! Both Capitol Hill and Ballard will be serving Rodeo Donuts daily – Yeehaw!


Rodeo Donut was created by a handful of genius bakers at Cupcake Royale who were craving a really unique and fresh from the fryer donut. Cupcake Royale has decided to support the bakers’ vision of small-batch creative, local, and delicious donuts in a big way. “We want to change the way Seattle looks at donuts by starting with the way WE enjoy a donut.  Brioche dough that’s so light and not too sweet, glazes made daily from fresh ingredients, resulting in mouth-watering flavor concoctions that go far beyond a Maple Bar or Apple Fritter. Of course, the donuts will be hot from the fryer and sold within a few hours!” said Nicki Kerbs, Chief Operations Officer of Cupcake Royale and Rodeo Donut.  Rodeo Donut is committed to sourcing local ingredients from farms in the Pacific Northwest, hand making donuts from scratch-made brioche dough and delivering joy through wholesome baked goods. The spirit of the Rodeo Donut is get ‘em while they’re hot.  “We plan to make enough for everyone to enjoy, but our focus is fresh quality over quantity,” added Kerbs.  Naturally, fresh donuts pair perfectly with expertly crafted Stumptown espresso, which Cupcake Royale currently serves.


Rodeo Donut uses rich brioche dough for the base of all of the donuts.  Brioche is rich, fluffy, eggy, buttery bread that is slightly sweetened and serves as the perfect donut vehicle. Fillings are not from a jar, but created with fresh juices, purees, teas and spices.  Glazes are powerfully flavored, cleverly balanced and locally sourced.  Toppings compliment the glazes and are integral to every tasty bite they create.  Donuts are priced from $2.50 to $3 each with a baker’s dozen (13 donuts) when you buy 12.


The Rodeo Donut recipe box is made up from years of baking, eating, reading, and learning from the best. Six options will rotate daily from the flavors listed below, in addition to fresh combinations the donut geniuses will create each day!


The Rodeo Queen – Red Raspberry Limoncello

Orange Blossom Honeysuckle – Local honey, orange blossom water and fresh orange zest.

Whiskey Maple Bacon – Real maple glaze with a hit of Woodinville Whiskey bourbon topped with Zoe’s Applewood smoked bacon.

Strawberry Buttermilk – Strawberry buttermilk glaze with buttermilk crumb topping

Bonanza – Filled with real banana pastry cream, dipped in dark chocolate glaze and sprinkled with banana chip streusel

Coconut Crème – Filled with coconut cream, coconut glaze dunked in toasted coconut chips.

Huckleberry Glazed – made with locally foraged huckleberry

Salted Caramel Crème Brulee – Salted caramel pastry cream topped with burnt sugar

Preserved Lemon – Luscious lemon curd spiked with pink peppercorns, cardamom seeds and sea salt.  It’s tangy, sweet and a little salty

Cinnamon “n” Sug – (Cinnamon and cardamom) right out of the fryer dredged in the sug mix!

Salted Pistachio – Sea Salted Pistachio Glaze

Crispy Chocolate – Glazed in chocolate dunked in feuilletine

Tiramisu – Espresso/Marsala filling dusted with espresso cocoa dust.

Peanut Butter and Berry – fresh seasonal berry jam with peanut butter glaze topped with salted Spanish peanut crunch topping

Hazelnut toffee crunch – Chocolate Glazed dunked in salted hazelnut toffee crumb

Mutton Buster – Peanut butter Glazed with Salty crispy Potato chips

Apple*Bourbon*Bacon Fritters

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About Rodeo Donut

The brainchild of genius bakers at Cupcake Royale, Rodeo Donut was born in March 2015 with a pop-up shop at the Ballard bakery and soon-to-open at the Capitol Hill bakery. Rodeo is based on quality (as in house-made fillings, uniquely flavored glazes and oh-so-right toppings) not quantity, fried up fresh in rice oil daily with a ‘get ‘em while they’re good and hot’ eating mentality, brioche dough donuts that will make your donut loving mind come back for more. Right here and now.