August is here, and that means the last month of our #ChefSeries Ice Creams.  Here is the menu available August 1st: Ballard, Capitol Hill, Downtown & Queen Anne have scoops, pints at ALL locations – ENJOY!

Strawberry Frappe ‘n’ Fries : Chef Josh Henderson loves him some good, old-fashioned American comfort food. And what’s more American than dunking your piping hot french fries in your ice cold milkshake?! Let’s be real – it’s every kid’s bliss! For this unusual and intriguing flavor, we tapped into the most creative recesses of our imaginations. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind Strawberry, Potato & Milk Crumble to bring this dream to life! We combine dry milk, potato flour, salt, and melted butter, then bake it until it’s golden and crunchy. Then we toss those crunchy bits in melted white chocolate before coating them with a combination of freeze-dried strawberry dust and ground up Pik-Nik Shoestring Potatoes. Then, we take our homemade strawberry puree, cook it down and ribbon it into our already mind-blowing Oregon Hill Strawberry Ice Cream right alongside the salty potato crumble. The result is a sweet, salty, tart, and crunchy ice cream that’s gonna blow your mind! TRULY one-of-a-kind! Allergens: Dairy, Strawberries (And yes! This flavor is gluten free!)

 About Chef Josh Henderson: A 1998 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Josh Henderson created Skillet Street Food in Seattle in 2007, one of the first food experiences of what has since become a prototype for the national street food movement. Out of a vintage Airstream trailer, he created innovative lunch menus based on American-inspired food prepared with classic technique and seasonal ingredients. Since then, he’s founded Huxley Wallace Collective – a group of restaurants, experiences, and unique spaces in the PNW. With Huxley Wallace, he’s created Westward, Little Gull Grocery, and Quality Athletics. The recipient of numerous awards and nominations, including a James Beard Nomination in 2014, Henderson published his first cookbook – the Skillet Cookbook/A Streetfood Manifesto – in 2012.


Saffron with Honey Almond Crunch : Saffron is at the top of the spice pyramid. Beautiful in color and flavor, this spice is sold in very small quantities due to its potency and price. We’ve captured it in this delicious ice cream, suggested by Chef Tamara Murphy. We infuse our dairy base with saffron and orange zest, then mix in an almond brittle made with toasted almonds, honey and rum. The final product is sweet, crunchy, and just different enough to blow your mind!Allergens: Dairy, Alcohol (small amount, as in vanilla extract), Tree Nuts, Honey

About Chef Tamara Murphy: Chef Murphy has a solid love of Mediterranean cuisine, which is where she drew her inspiration for this saffron-infused flavor. Murphy trained in the high-pressure kitchens of the Big Apple as a young chef, but ultimately decided to move to Seattle in 1988. A James Beard Award nominee before the age of 30, in 1995 she was named Best Chef of the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii—all while accolades poured in from the likes of Food and Wine Magazine (who dubbed her one of the Ten Best New Chefs in America), Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food Arts, and The New York Times. Tamara currently owns and operates Terra Plata in Capitol Hill – where they serve our ice cream and sorbet year-round!


Anise Hyssop & Olive Oil : Chef Brady Williams is the new kid in town as the Executive Chef at Canlis. He dreamed up this flavor featuring Pianogrillo olive oil, and anise hyssop – a perennial herb in the mint family that has the flavor of licorice. We make an infused syrup from the anise, then blend it with the light olive oil and add it to our dairy base for a flavor that is herbaceous and savory, but still light enough for summer. Allergens: Dairy

About Chef Brady Williams: Chef Brady Williams just moved to Seattle this Spring to be only the 6th chef to run the 64-year-old kitchen at Canlis. Williams came by his culinary education on kitchen lines around Dallas, TX, before moving to Brooklyn to be the sous chef at Roberts’s – a wood-fired pizza joint that just earned its second Michelin star. It’s also a pizza joint with a months long waiting list. After The Brothers Canlis met Brady and became friends, it began to feel like a perfectly natural fit to bring the young chef (he’s only 28!) on to take over their kitchen that’s been running on fleek since 1950. Williams’s Japanese American heritage informs his dishes at Canlis, a logical fit with perhaps the first fine dining establishment in America to look to Japan for inspiration rather than France and Italy.