We have been working away on our new “Throw Back” series of cupcakes.  It was just too much fun coming up with creative, yet really tasty flavors that incorporated flavors of the 80’s and our favorite snack foods.

Bugles?  Cornnuts? Cornflakes? Caramel Corn? Tab soda? Pop Rocks?  The possibilities are seriously endless!  Staying in line with our Fresh, Natural, Local commitment we incorporated in some great ingredients and techniques to all these new flavors.

Peanut Butter and French Fries– Who doesn’t love salty french fries and who doesn’t adore smooth, creamy peanut butter?  We’ve managed to combine salty, creamery, nutty and sweet all in one cup o’ cake.

Cornflake and Whisky – Cornflake buttercream on top of our vanilla cupcake is a crowd please for sure, but them we drizzle whisky carmel over the top and make it a complete meal.

Buttered Pop Corn Caramel Crunch– We seem to be a bit obsessed with buttered pop corn lately.  Buttered pop corn buttercream, vanilla cupcake and topped with Ku Ku Ra Za caramel corn.  This buttercream is to DIE for!

Spicy Ginger Ale– fresh pressed ginger juice buttercream swirled on a vanilla cupcakes sprinkled to order with POP ROCKS!!  It’s spicy, poppy, gingery and unique!

Each flavor will get a behind the scenes look into how they are prepared so stay tuned!