We’ve wanted to use Pop Rocks in a cupcake for over a year now, but it just never seemed to fit in… until NOW!  We toyed around with an idea to create a TAB soda cupcake, yes TAB.  After many tries, we nixed that idea and went with pairing it with a fresh squeezed ginger juice buttercream.

We ordered cases of ginger root, washed the roots and pureed them (skin and all). We strained the puree to extract all the fresh juice for a couple of days, squeezing out all that amazingness.  It’s spicy, fresh and fragrant.  Our buttercream typically has whole milk in it, so we replaced the milk with the fresh ginger juice, added some fresh lemon and cayenne to bring the heat!

Keeping it simple with our vanilla bean cupcake, swirling this uber fresh ginger buttercream, sprinkling on some candied ginger and topping with POP ROCKS makes this one of our most exciting cupcakes to date!

The Pop Rocks are unflavored and extremely poppy!  Once they hit the cupcake, it sounds like a little fireworks show is happening.

Don’t take our word for it, get in here and get your Pop Rock on!

Spicy Gingerale2