As part of the Seattle Sweeties  cupcake series, we were tasked with creating a flavor by the name of Chai Cinnamon.  We love vanilla and Chai, so we knew it would be a vanilla cupcake.  Our baker’s experimented with several different types of Chai in many different forms.  Eventually we landed on a powered Oregon Chai. We found is we could directly control the intensity of the chai flavor by using a powdered mix.

Our buttercream is made fresh daily with only five ingredients: local butter, local hormone free milk, powered sugar, salt and double fold vanilla.  So we mixed the chai in with the milk, of course we tasted it, and it was delish all by itself.  Though, mixing it into the butter cream was absolutely perfect.  Plop a big dollop of this on top of a fresh baked vanilla bean cupcake and sprinkle with house made snickerdoodle crumbs and that’s sweet enough to call a Seattle Sweetie.

Did we mention proceeds from this cupcake go towards Runway to Freedom?  A foundation that raises awarness to domestic violence. Feel even better about indulging!