The JOY is in the kettle and coil!  And… the coffee + liqueur.  We adore Seattle Distilling’s Coffee Liqueur, so much so we created a line of cupcakes just to feature it.  Seattle Distilling has been around for three years, but the products they produce have quickly become top shelf picks all around Washington.

Vashon Island may seem far away, but Seattle Distilling is worth the trip.  When we caught wind that the company is family owned, they support local and produced small batch spirits, our ears immediately perked up.  Tami and Paco, the owners of Seattle Distilling, partnered up with so many of their Vashon neighbors, working together to build a sustainable company.  Bringing in all the pieces of the island together is something they are proud to talk about. They appreciate the farmers who are growing their ingredients, the metal-working artist who helped build their still, and they are also raising pigs and chicken on their spent grains. From welding, chicken feed and local botanicals grown for the gin, Seattle Distilling has a great recipe for success.

Their still is hand-welded so they could precisely create the right flavors and have more control of their recipes.  With a little help from other Vashon Island welders and craftsmen, the custom still is a huge part of their unique and proprietary methods.  Why choose the best local ingredients if you can’t prepare them properly?  Well, that’s exactly how the guys and gals over at Seattle Distilling think!

Gin Society named their gin Washington’s best.  We found out what makes their gin award winning, and we think you need to know this.  They craft a Northwest style gin, using juniper berries that are grown in the Cascade Mountains, lavender and other botanicals that are grown on the island.  It includes 11 ingredients, creating a very aromatic style gin. Meanwhile, cooking all this up in their custom one-of-a-kind still.

Seattle Distilling uses barrels that previously aged wine from Andrew Will, a local winery on Vashon, to age their Irish whiskey.  It’s so amazing to see the influences the people of Vashon Island in every product.

The coffee They use for the coffee liqueur is roasted right next door to the distillery, at the Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, where Seattle’s Best Coffee started.

The team makes all the spirits by hand, using old school methods that are slow, but result in very tasty spirits.  Having such good ingredients in Washington, is something they are extremely grateful for. The grain here is some of the best in the world and it shows in their product. The people at Seattle Distilling care deeply about what they make; supporting local farmers and makers is very important to their business.  Using only the best ingredients, their moto is “grain to glass,” which confirms it’s fresh and thoughtfully crafted.

 Seattle Distilling.