We raise a cupcake to the teachers of Schmitz Park Elementary in West Seattle!

Seattle has many schools of all types full of teachers and professionals who are dedicated to the learning and well-being of their students. We reached out to the community to learn about some of these teachers and schools and we have been amazed at the response. Parents, students, administrators, and others wrote in with heartfelt stories about the care, sacrifice, and long hours given by teachers and the difference it makes for so many individual lives. Cupcake Royale wants to help show appreciation for the heroic work our Seattle teachers are doing, so for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are surprising the faculty of a deserving Seattle school with a delivery of free cupcakes! A Random Act of Cupcakes!

And today we surprised Schmitz Park Elementary! Here is what one person said about Schmitz Park:

I would like to nominate Schmitz Park Elementary for your Teacher Appreciation Week sweet surprise.  The school population is around 600+ kids in a building that is meant for 150 students (I don’t know the exact number!)  There are at least 16 portable classrooms.  So needless to say, the school is desperately overcrowded, and things like lunchroom space, gym space, and bathrooms are a constant challenge!  But even with this challenge, I am constantly impressed with and thankful for the teachers and administration who work so hard to accommodate all these students despite all the spacial limitations!

Thank you for your consideration!

There are so many ways for you to show thanks to the teachers at Schmitz Park Elementary and other schools! Check out these links for information about how you can make a donation or become a volunteer with Seattle Public Schools.