Facebook Business is once again sharing the story of Cupcake Royale, along with a collection of other wonderful small business success stories.

Small businesses are the engine that makes Main Street thrive. They are passionate about their products and services, take pride in the experiences they create for their customers and have the power to truly make a difference in their communities. At Facebook, we’re proud to play a role in supporting this by connecting businesses with the people that will love them and empowering them to grow.

Cupcake Royale in Seattle, Washington aims to be the most joyful part of a person’s day. Using Facebook, owner Jody Hall was able to spread the word and garner support for a cause close to her heart. They created a cupcake called “The Gay” and planned to donate a dollar of every cupcake sold to the It Gets Better Project, an organization dedicated to uplifting, empowering and connecting LGBTQ+ youth around the world. After sharing a photo on Facebook, the response was enormous.

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