Ever wonder how we come up with our unique flavors, frost the perfect cupcake or how our Ice Cream is just so dang creamy? Well, it’s simple, a very talented and hardworking team of makers and bakers!

This week we are sitting down with Devon, our Creamery manager, brain behind our Summer Road Trip flavors and all around rad human. Read on to learn more about their inspiration and favorite spots in Seattle!

Q: Who are you & what do you do at Cupcake Royale? 
A: I’m Devon! I manage the Creamery at Cupcake Royale, so I’m running the show when it comes to churning the ice cream for all of our cafes, packing pints, building ice cream sammies, and trying to make every tasty thing I’ve ever eaten into an ice cream flavor. 

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Road Trip series?
A: The idea for a Road Trip series came from one of my personal favorite summers and the real life road trip I took from living on the East Coast to move to Seattle (and, as fate would have it, to Cupcake Royale!) I spent 3 months on the road, getting a closer look at all the treats different cities have made part of the way they celebrate their history and celebrate each other. I wanted the Road Trip series to touch on lots of the feelings around those shared food experiences- joy from learning about a dessert you’ve never heard of, nostalgia for something you grew up eating, and memories from adventures past. Hummingbird Cake in particular was my favorite cake growing up, and was one of those things I was surprised to learn was so regional when I moved away.

Q: Favorite flavors you’ve made at Cupcake Royale?
A: Favorite flavors that I’ve made here- out of many sugary winners- include Sweet Corn Marionberry from our Farm Fresh series, Blackberry Rosemary Crisp from our People’s Choice series, and one of my forever loves- Rosé All Day Sorbet. 

Q: Favorite places to eat in Seattle?
A: Some of my favorite eats in Seattle are Coyle’s Bakeshop in Greenwood and Comadre Panadería in various shops around town for pastries, Bok a Bok fried chicken and Phorale food truck- both of those for their killer sandwiches, Joule in Fremont for brunch, and the Best Roasted Corn stand in White Center for some of my fave elotes in town.