“Cupcakes” – Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret, shh… When a cupcake is made, the emotions of the baker also get baked into it. When the baker is happy and full of energy, you get a happy cupcake and the person that gets to eat it also becomes happy and filled with energy; when sad, a sad cupcake, when angry, an angry cupcake, and so forth. With the right cupcake, you could have a perfect day, ace that exam, get that promotion, or perhaps, even fall in love. But with the wrong cupcake… you just never know what consequences may befall you. So next time you’re faced with these cotton-soft treats, remember: Choose wisely. #cupcakes #tiramisucupcakeyum #ohmytastebuds #cupcakeroyale #storytime #dailystorychallenge (18 of 31)