The Cupcake Royale bakery is the business!

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Cupcake Royale baker might look like? Forget fancy computers, comfy chairs, elevator music, and high heels. Nowhere to be found! We are surrounded by 50-pound bags of local Shepherd’s grain

Best Chocolate Cupcake in all of Seattle

In case you forgot, our chocolate cake is packed full of local ingredients, hand mixed, hand swirled and sprinkled with love!  All this and a little pink box too!  You’re welcome! #medosweet #stumptown #singingdogvanilla

Oh….Holly Hobbie have a Dance Party Already

Are you a cupcake purist no crazy bacon crack cakes for you?  Some say a vanilla cake marks the sign of a great bakery.  Well, we take that challenge and raise you one. Our Vanilla cupcake is made with 100%…