Stumptown Coffee with Fudge Ribbon Ice Cream

How is ours different you ask?  Yes, we all know coffee ice cream is a staple for most creameries, but we think ours is just a little different. And oh-so-delicious. We take the highest quality coffee, and the Royale Creamery…

Tiramisu Affogato: Breakfast of Champs in Seattle

Yes, you heard that right! Forget the cornflakes, and RUN to your nearest Cupcake Royale. Vanilla cupcake + Marsala/Mascarpone whipped frosting + drenched in Cocoa powder and then DUNKED in two perfectl- pulled Stumptown espresso shots.  #nuffsaid #tiramisuaffogato

Our milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

We can make up to 12 flavors of milkshakes, you can choose your own milkshake adventure.  We also, feature some specialty shakes that we thought you should know about. Espresso Shakes– Fun fact- we are one of the only

Did I really just order a “Hot Salty Mess?”

Yup, we serve that! It’s Burnt Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt Ice Cream, 2 shots of Stumptown espresso, housemade hot fudge and fresh whipped cream. Viola, it’s served hot, it’s a little salty and can get real messy!…

Best Chocolate Cupcake in all of Seattle

In case you forgot, our chocolate cake is packed full of local ingredients, hand mixed, hand swirled and sprinkled with love!  All this and a little pink box too!  You’re welcome! #medosweet #stumptown #singingdogvanilla

Seattle’s Best Chocolate Cupcake What the What?

We are not ones to brag, but C’mon we have to let you know where it’s at in terms of chocolate cake.  The bakers at Cupcake Royale have perfected this award-winning recipe. What makes it so good you ask? We…