Cupcake Royale was founded in 2003 as Seattle’s first cupcake bakery and café. In fact, Cupcake Royale is the nation’s first cupcake bakery to open outside of NYC! So you can imagine that many of our friends and neighbors didn’t know quite what to expect.

Turns out, our hunch was right, and our delicious, made-from-scratch-daily cupcakes were an instant hit. Most folks who came in had never had a scratch baked cake (Betty Crocker doesn’t count!) or a buttercream frosting made using only real and premium ingredients (like sweet local butter and dark Belgium chocolate).

The best part of Cupcake Royale is that our cupcakes are paired with delicious artisan espresso under the house brand of Verite Coffee. We’re Seattleites – milk alone just won’t cut it here! From day one, we were dedicated to the notion that a good business gives back to the community that supports them – it’s the virtuous circle of life.

We also believe in creating a sustainable and viable local economy. We partner with Washington farmers and producers to bring you the best our neighbors have to offer, because we believe that buying local is vital to building a strong community (and it tastes a lot better). Our flour comes from a handful of wheat farmers in Eastern Washington who mill it especially for our needs. Our dairy is local and growth hormone free. Our eggs are cage-free organic. Even our sweet pink boxes are printed locally with soy-based inks and are compostable.

We are committed to giving back to our community and annually donate over 40,000 cupcakes to help raise funds for local non-profits. We care deeply about baking delicious cupcakes, crafting amazing espresso, and creating sustainable communities and joyous experiences.

Thanks for your interest in Cupcake Royale!!