We have new cupcake and ice cream flavors all the time and this is what it looks like to roll those out!

Everyone at Cupcake Royale talks about new flavors combinations on the daily.  We dream them up, develop and then we continue to tweak to perfection.  We hold a weekly meeting called “pipeline meetings”  where we taste and critique our work.  Quality product is something we are fanatical about.  Some ideas we want to make happen, just don’t work no matter how hard we try.  The key for us is to keep innovating and creating products that make people happy to indulge in. Honestly, we have a lot of fun in the process!

We bake cupcakes around the clock.  Literally, our ovens, mixers and people work effortlessly to ensure we have the freshest product hitting our stores. What we don’t sell by the end of the day we compost or donate to local food banks.  We bake fresh cupcakes daily with natural ingridients that are locally sourced.

When coming up with new flavors we look to what is in season, what we love right now and who we love right now.  We collaborate with other local business to share the love and to create strong partnerships. Our cupcakes need to always have a crown, keeping it royale means some cake recipes just won’t work.  Our recipes need to perform a certain way to perch our classic swirl on top and must scale up to 600 cupcakes a batch.  Every batter we try is different, so we just have to keep tweaking them to get it just right.  Adding fruits, veggies, alcohols in our cupcakes batters all take an enourmous amount of testing.  We always let cupcakes sit for a couple of hours, we never eat product while it is still hot.  It gives the crumb/texture of the cake time to set up and the flavors really meld together.  We taste our cupcakes the same way a customer would!

Buttercreams, whipped cream cheese, meringues, cream cheese all need to hold out swirl and be full of all natural butter.  Absolutely no shortening in any of our frostings local butter, powdered sugar, double fold vanilla, milk and salt all things you can feel good about treat in yourself to.

Ice cream is completely different to develop.  As you can’t taste a baked good while there hot, you can’t really taste ice cream until it has been fully churned and frozen.  We come up with fun flavors that are playful, but also SUPER satisfying.  Buttered Popcorn with Peanut Brittle, Smoked S’mores, Honey Snicker Doodle, Whisky Maple Bacon Crack, Washington Hazelnut Brittle with Salted Ganache and Pumpkin Cardamom took many tries before they hit the cases.  More salt, more crunch, less sweet, more ribbons.  We used 3 different smoked salts before we decided on Yakima smoked sea salt for our burnt caramel.

This table is one example of how we eat, sleep and breath cupcakes, ice cream, coffee and creation.


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.45.21 PM