On November 21st, we were SO fortunate to be a part of sending the Sounder FC off to LA with Sounders-themed cupcakes as they took to the skies to compete in the Western Conference Championship.  We were all SUPER pumped knowing that maybe a team member of the Sounders might have sunk his teeth into our cupcake! It sent all of us into complete hysteria.

So, after the huge SEAHAWK  victory on Sunday the 18th against the Green Bay Packers, we thought we’d reach out to our friends at DELTA Airlines and ask if we could be a part the history-making send-off.

Low and behold,  our invitation to the join the Seahawks at the airport  was approved by both the Seahawks AND Delta (no sprinkles, apparently, as those are very messy!)  So…… here we go (again) on one of the most important orders we are privileged to fill! We will be kicking it into high gear Saturday night at the bakery, creating and frosting dozens of Seahawk cupcakes,  to be delivered very early Sunday morning. (Oh my gosh, that’s NOW!!)

We are SO very lucky, grateful and oh, my over-the-moon excited! GO HAWKS!!