Our Royale Creamery is working overtime this spring, to bring you the most extraordinary and best-tasting ice cream menu starting May 11th, 2015.  After months of planning, collaboration, and recipe testing, our very special Chef Series Ice Cream Line is finalized. It all began with one little love letter sent to our favorite Chefs, asking two very simple questions: What is your favorite ice cream?  If you could create any ice cream flavor what would it be?  Sky is the limit!

We will most definitely be writing more about the flavors, chefs, and shenanigans that went on during recipe development.  For now, the menu goes a little something like this…

May 11–June 30

Renee Erickson, Whale Wins: Salted Rocky Road (with Marcona almonds)

Tyler Palagi, Radiator Whiskey: Maple Old-Fashioned with Luxardo Cherries


John Sundstrom, Lark: Brown Butter with Salted Caramel Pecans

Rachel Marshall, Rachel’s Ginger Beer: White Peach Cobbler with Bourbon Caramel

Ethan Stowell, many things: Honey Ricotta with Pistachio Brittle


Josh Henderson, many other things: Strawberry Frappe and Fries

Tamara Murphy, Terra Plata: Saffron with Honey Almond Crunch

Brady Williams & Brian Canlis, Canlis: TBD


Sit tight, prime your belly, and be ready to get your ice cream on with us! It is going to be so delicious.