Ever wonder what a day in the life of a Cupcake Royale baker might look like? Forget fancy computers, comfy chairs, elevator music, and high heels. Nowhere to be found!

We are surrounded by 50-pound bags of local Shepherd’s grain flour, Medosweet Dairy, organic cane sugar, local Singing Dog double fold vanilla, GM- free expeller canola oil, bags of Stumptown Coffee, and well over 200 pounds of local butter. Oh, look! What’s that over there? Why, it’s cases of cage-free/hormone- free eggs, and huge bags of cocoa powder.



We fire up ovens big enough to stand in, we mix batters in bowls teenagers could bathe in, we heat caramel to 320 degrees, we bake 500 cupcakes off in one swoop, and then we whip up a few hundred pounds of frosting. Our  smallest buttercream recipe yields 60 pounds of frosting! Then, for good measure, we clean over 100 cupcake trays each and every day.


Our bakers work 24-hours-a-day in everything from clogs to running shoes.  Any given day you’ll hear 90’s pop, old school country, Latino music, NPR and/or classical.

Some of our bakers have been with us for more than six years, and in that time, we have no doubt that they could make a 500 batch of cupcakes in their sleep, no joke.  Using local, high-quality ingredients is only half of what makes our cupcakes Seattle’s best, year after year. The other half? Our great bakers.


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