How is ours different you ask?  Yes, we all know coffee ice cream is a staple for most creameries, but we think ours is just a little different. And oh-so-delicious.

We take the highest quality coffee, and the Royale Creamery fancies the Stumptown Hair Bender variety.  Because we really want to highlight the nuance of the coffee itself, we grind it on the finest setting (Turkish grind).  We feel by grinding the beans finer, you really get to taste the caramel, milk chocolate, jasmine and lemon notes of the coffee blend.  Eating this ice cream should be like drinking a cup of fresh-brewed coffee.

Grinding the fresh coffee is the first step. We then steep it into fresh local cream, and let it sit overnight.  After bathing the cream in caffeine, we strain the delectable concoction, and add just a little sugar in the raw to sweeten it up.  Final task before it’s ready to serve is to place the cream into the ice cream machine, churn, and then swirl in our house-made fudge ribbons.

Really just a couple of ingredients:

  • Local high-quality coffee
  • Fresh local cream
  • Raw sugar
  • Rich, thick house made fudge sauce