Time keeps on scoopin’ (scoopin’, scoopin’) into the future. And as much as we’ve all loved Renee’s Smokey Rocky Road and Tyler’s Smoked Maple Old Fashioned, it’s time to move on to our next SUPER exciting set of Chef Series flavors! ​These new Chef Series flavors will run for the month of July. ​Drumroll, please…


Brown Butter* with Salted Caramel Pecans​​: Chef Johnathan Sundstrom LOVES butter pecan ice cream. But, I mean, who doesn’t?? So for John, we kicked it up a notch. We take pecan halves and fried them in butter. While the pecans fry, the butter browns and becomes infused with the flavor of the pecans. We then reserve the brown butter, which goes into the ice cream base for a rich, nutty, buttery flavor. Then the fried nuts are candied in maple syrup, salted, and mixed in for a salty, sweet, nutty crunch! Allergens: Dairy, Tree Nuts *Brown butter is made when butter is melted and cooked over moderate heat so the solids brown and create a rich, nutty, complex flavor.

​About Chef Johnathan Sundstrom: ​Originally from Southern California, Chef Sundstrum trained at The New England Culinary Institute, then spent years cooking in some of the finest kitchen across the US. After working at Dahlia Lounge, Carmelita, and Earth & Ocean here in Seattle, Chef Sundstrom became passionate about the organic, foraged, and heirloom ingredients and flavors of the Pacific Northwest. He was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2001, and “Best Chef Northwest” by the James Beard Foundation in 2007, following nominations in 2005 and 2006. He opened his own restaurant Lark in Capitol Hill in 2003 with his wife.


White Peach Cobbler with Bourbon Caramel​: ​Rachel Marshall is all about the delicate flavor of white peaches in the summer. Capturing this effervescent flavor was our task, and we did it! We’ve crafted the perfect summer treat! We make a super peachy bourbon caramel sauce using white peach puree, Woodinville bourbon whiskey, and Rachel’s own White Peach Ginger Beer. Then we take donuts from our very own Rodeo Donut, grind them up and make them into a crunchy cinnamon streusel. The peachy bourbon caramel and donut streusel are swirled into lightly flavored vanilla ice cream. Can you say YUM?! Allergens: Dairy, Alcohol, Gluten 

About Chef Rachel Marshall: While living and working for several years in Europe, Chef Marshall was introduced to proper ginger beer. Upon making this discovery, Marshall came back to her hometown on a mission to make a product that wasn’t being made by mass­produced American soda companies. So was born Rachel’s Ginger Beer ­ fresh, fragrant, and not too sweet! Chef Marshall also owns Montana and Nacho Borracho in Capitol Hill, as well as her Rachel’s Ginger Beer outpost in Pike Place Market and a newly opened location in Capitol Hill as well.


Honey Ricotta with Pistachio Brittle: ​ ​Chef Ethan Stowell dreamed up this to­-die-­for combination of delicate ricotta, local clover honey, and crunchy pistachio toffee. We blend whole milk ricotta and honey into our ice cream base for a simple, sweet flavor. Then we mix in toffee studded with roasted and salted pistachios. Need we say more? It’s simple and delicious! Allergens: Dairy, Tree Nuts, Honey

About Chef Ethan Stowell: ​Chef Stowell’s food philosophy is to keep it simple and make your guests happy. A native of Seattle, he is a self taught, and was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2008. Stowell has also been nominated for more James Beard Foundation awards than you can shake a noodle at. He opened his first restaurant, Union, in 2003, and since then has built a restaurant empire here in Seattle. Anchovies & Olives, Bar Cotto, Chippy’s, How to Cook a Wolf, Mkt., Red Cow, Rione XIII, Staple & Fancy, and Tavolata are all his!