First off, we feel it is only fair to warn you that in this post, we may go a little over-board in expressing our love for Rachel Marshall.  Ok, now moving on!  Part two of the three-month Chef Series Ice Cream features our favorite bar owner, drunk-snack provider, and ginger-genius Rachel Marshall.

We reached out to her in February when we began creating the concept for the Chef Series Ice Cream line, and within days, she came up with White Peach Cobbler with Bourbon Caramel!  Of course, we wanted to use her white peach ginger beer, but how could we incorporate it without creating an icy ice cream?  There are two things we hate in our creamery: icy ice creams and overly-whipped ice creams. So we take a lot of pride in ensuring we keep it creamy and classy!

We decided to cook the ginger beer down and add it to the caramel ribbon that swirls around in the ice cream, add some white peach puree to the ice cream base, and voila! That was our start!  Now, tackling the cobbler topping?  Do we go with biscuits? Do we go traditional cobbler topping?  Our creamery queen decided to go donuts.  Yup, donuts.  She mixes some donut holes from our pals at Rodeo Donut with sugar and cinnamon and bakes it into a streusel-type topping.  This method helps to ensure that the cobbler topping stays slightly crisp, a little chewy, and perfectly seasoned as it’s hand folded into the ice cream.

People who try it automatically buy it and then a grab a pint to enjoy at home, and we are not kidding.  Hats off to Rachel for creating one of our best-sellers, and including so many different layers of mouth-pleasing flavors!