Latte, Mocha, Cafe Latte, Latte Mocha or Mocha Latte?  We live in Seattle, we should know the lingo, right?  Well, we know we love coffee and we know we love chocolate, but did we know latte means milk?

When Draze asked for a Choco latte cupcake for the Seattle Sweeties Series we didn’t even think twice because we knew exactly what he meant.

Our award winning chocolate cupcake is the foundation for this caffeine powered treat.  We’ve made a pretty intense sweetened coffee buttercream and topped it off with chocolate covered espresso beans.  Cakey, creamy, coffee, crunchy, and chocolaty- all in a days work!

Did we mention proceeds from this cupcake go towards Runway to Freedom?  A foundation that raises awarness of domestic violence. Tastes good and is a do-gooder, that Choco Latte.