Remember the Cranberry White Chocolate cupcake from last winter? Well, we heard its fans loud and clear and brought it back this year. With a twist, of course. Did we mention this cupcake is filled? On a daily basis, customers ask us for filled cupcakes and it is always a delight when we can make your dreams come true!

To create the 2015 White Chocolate Cranberry cupcake we take our tasty vanilla bean cupcake and fill it with housemade fresh cranberry compote. Once filled the cupcake gets swirled with a white chocolate buttercream frosting made using local dairy. We add a dollop of the fresh cranberry compote, a sprinkle of candied orange zest, and a white chocolate baton to top it all off. The tartness of the fresh cranberries partnered with the sweet orange zest and white chocolate make this cupcake a holiday must have.

The White Chocolate Cranberry cupcake is available through December 31st. Get one while you can!