Some of you may remember the Toasted Candied Yam cupcake of 2011. The Toasted Candied Yam had a deliciously moist spice cake filled with a cornucopia of tasty ingredients like candied ginger, brown sugar, cinnamon, and of course, roasted and pureed yams. Then we topped it with a swirl of light and fluffy cinnamon meringue, torched to a golden perfection. It was real good. So good that it has taken us a while to find a recipe to top it, but we did.
Our new Maple Sweet Potato cupcake starts with a sweet potato cake base, then we swirl on a rich maple cream cheese frosting, and top it all off with a pomegranate caramel drizzle and a few pomegranate arils. The brightness and acidity of the pomegranate cuts through the richness of the frosting and creates a delectable, balanced bite of heaven in your mouth. And guess what? You only have until December 31st to get your hands on one. Well, what are waiting for?!