Have a secret crush, neighbor, sweetie, co-worker, pal, life coach, family member, teacher and/or boss you’d like to impress or treat this coming Valentine’s Day? Well, we have the very best way to help you, with our lovingly lethal Deathcake Royale! It’s a delicious collision of death-by-chocolate meets our award winning cupcakes, packed into a powerful dessert called Deathcake Royale. We spent the last year reformulating Seattle’s classic Valentine’s dessert to really show someone you love them to death. Using all of our favorite ingredients and local brands, proving our most decadent Deathcake yet! Coming to you in a whole new form, the bakers have made it portable and re-heatable. Rich sea-salted dark chocolate decadence (flourless cake) is slow poached in a mason jar and baked to perfection. Next, a layer of our award-winning chocolate cake is placed directly on top of the decadence. The next layer is a smooth Stumptown espresso chocolate ganache and finished off with a sprinkling of delicate chocolate curls. Decadent? You bet. Shared by lovers, and loved by haters. This is the year for Deathcake for Valentine’s Day.

The Deathcake will be available in all our cafes, online, Metropolitan Market stores and can be shipped starting January 18 through February 14, 2016. This year, the bakers truly outdid themselves! Each Deathcake is baked directly in a jar so it makes gifting and eating so much fun to enjoy! So…. you know what that means? You can heat them up in the oven or microwave to enjoy ooey, gooey warm melted chocolate goodness. Add some Royale Creamery Ice Cream on top and call it goooood!

We also offer a Gluten-Free Deathcake too! Giving the people what they asked for and replacing the chocolate cake with their award- winning gluten-free chocolate cake. Who loves you Seattle?

“We wanted to deliver the whole package to create an unbelievable experience! Deathcake fans will able to heat it up and enjoy hot, gift it, ship it and enjoy without gluten (if they so choose)! The Royale team really loves creating new ways to keep this beloved Valentine’s Day sweet tasting even better,” said Cupcake Royale COO, Nicki Kerbs. “The Deathcake, is one serious chocolate indulgence and if you’ve never experienced it before, it’s time to settle in for the chocolate love of your life. It is definitely an experience to be shared and is such a gesture of love to gift, especially since we’re only making a very limited quantity and it will sell out!”

Deathcake_Rotator2Deathcakes are available at cafés in Seattle, in addition to online at, starting January 18 through Valentine’s Day. They are sold for $9.50 each and can be shipped with ease from the website for an additional shipping fee. Oh, imagine the sounds from the receiving end…Valentine’s Day just got real.